WhatsApp Direct: Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

What Is WhatsApp Direct?

This is a simple web-based app that helps users send WhatsApp messages to everyone without having to save their number as a contact, it utilizes WhatsApp API URL and automatically generates URL dynamically with every interaction such as typing.

WhatsApp by default will not allow you to send messages to someone without saving their phone number in your phonebook, this bypass that and let you start a WhatsApp chat by just using their phone no. that is registered on WhatsApp.

How to start a WhatsApp Chat?

Simply enter the phone number you want to send a WhatsApp message to in the first input field, the required format is a phone number with a country code and acceptable input such as (example are using Malaysian country code +60):

  • +6011XXXXXXX
  • +6011-XXX-XXXX
  • 6011XXXXXXX

*The format doesn’t matter and the symbol will be cleaned before generating the wa.me link.

The second input field is a text area needed for pre-populating messages, it is optional and you can leave it empty if you prefer to type directly in chat.

Finally, the message sent counter simply helps to keep track of how many times the send button is clicked during one instance, it will be reset once the page is refreshed, this can be helpful for some purposes.

The tool is based on simple Javascript on the client’s device (your browser), we value your privacy and do not store any information typed within the tool, this can be verified easily via inspecting the page source.

It’ll work whether you are using desktop, android or iOS as long as your browser support Javascript.

Invalid Wa.me Link?

WhatsApp Direct Not Working

The people you are trying to initiate a chat with are required to have an active WhatsApp account, there is no way to chat with them if they are never registered before.

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12 July 2022

  • The phone area will now remove space and symbols automatically
  • The message area will now be able to send messages in multiple lines
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