Cold Email Services for B2B

Cold email is the most cost-effective outreach channel to deliver your offer to your ideal prospect. With a whopping 3800% ROI, it would be a mistake to overlook this sales strategy. Our cold email service helps you deliver your offer directly into the inbox of the decision-makers.

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Run Successful Cold Email marketing at scale

Why use our Cold Email Services?

With years of experience managing cold email campaigns for our clients, we have created a system with ultra-high deliverability that ensures your cold email is sent into your prospect inbox and gets your message delivered. Our cold email outreach priority is to help you generate more meetings.

  • Save valuable time and focus on converting more with meetings
  • Proven cold email strategy with high deliverability and avoid spam filters
  • Predictable cost and flexibility of scale with our cold email as a service
How We Start a Successful Cold Email Outreach Campaign

Process of Our Cold Email Marketing Service

1. Choose Your Campaign Size

Decide how many cold emails you would like us to send, this includes the first email and subsequent follow-up emails. You can start from our minimum of 10k emails per month or start at a bigger volume you preferred.

2. Prepare Leads & Email Sequence

You can bring your own email leads and email scripts to us, or you may also use our addon services to help you source highly targeted leads as well as email copywriting for your product or service offer.

3. Warmup Emails & Start Sending

We will set up all the necessary domain and email addresses that will represent your brand, then warm up for a full month to ensure high deliverability. Once the email is warmed up it will start sending from next month onwards.

Cold email that doesn’t go into spam

Proven Cold Email Outreach Campaign

Sending cold emails that don’t land in your prospect inbox or went into the spam box means your sales message will not be read, that is wasted leads and opportunities.

Our cold email service has built a proven process that allows us to get your sales or marketing message delivered to your prospect, it will also save you enormous time and cost to maintain your own email marketing.

These are some of the included tasks:

  • Purchase and setup domain represent your brand
  • Setting up proper DNS records for emailing
  • Setup master inbox where you will receive replies
  • Validate email list and remove invalid emails
  • Ongoing email warming and delivery boosting
  • …and many more!
High Deliverability Open Rates
Lead Generation Campaign

Additional email leads sourcing service

B2B Targeted Email Leads Generation

Target relevant b2b businesses

We will create a custom sourcing strategy to generate email leads based on your targeted audience and ideal customer profile (ICP)

Startups to fortune 500 companies

More segmentation based on the ideal company size, employee count, local company or international businesses are all possible


Stop wasting time sending emails to gatekeepers, we can help you target decision makers such as founder, co-founder, c-suite or any high-level management

Affordable & Scaleable Cold Email Marketing

Our Cold Email Services Pricing Plan

10X Sending Email

For business getting started
$ 259 Monthly
  • 5 Domain + 10 Email Account
  • 300 Daily Sending Volume
  • 6K~9K Email Sent Monthly
  • 1500~2250 Unique Recipient
  • DKIM, DMARC & SPF Record
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Domain Forwarding

20X Sending Email

For business looking for serious growth
$ 518 Monthly
  • 10 Domain + 20 Email Account
  • 600 Daily Sending Volume
  • 12K~18K Email Sent Monthly
  • 3000~4500 Unique Recipient
  • DKIM, DMARC & SPF Record
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Domain Forwarding

40X Sending Email

For business with dedicated sales team
$ 1036 Monthly
  • 20 Domain + 40 Email Account
  • 1200 Daily Sending Volume
  • 24K~36K Email Sent Monthly
  • 6000~9000 Unique Recipient
  • DKIM, DMARC & SPF Record
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Domain Forwarding

*Minimum subscription of 2 months is required, first month will be entirely for email warming up stage. Domain does not included in above pricing.

  • Cold Email Domain $10 / Domain

    Top level domain such as .com and .net with good reputable for cold emailing, we suggest 1 unique domain per 2 sending email account to protect domain reputation and high email deliverability.

  • Email Leads Sourcing $130 / 10,000 Leads

    We use enterprise grade database such as, to filter email leads that match your prospecting criteria, further email validation are required, and on average about 70% email will be reachable. 30% will be discarded.

  • Cold Email Copywriting $100 / Email Sequence

    If you do not already have a cold email script, we also provide services where we help you to write a compelling cold email, the standard order includes 1 first email and 3 follow-up emails. (Free additional subject line and email body for A/B testing.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming you opt with our 10X sending email plan, and you want us to purchase the domain, source the email leads and write the cold email sequence.

There will be a cost of $259+$259 (First 2 month) + $50 (Domain for 1 year) + $130 (Email list) + $100 (Cold Email Copywriting)

Totaling about $798 to get started.

For the first 30 days period we set up a new email account there will be no email sent to your leads, because as a new email it will have to go through a warming up process where we will only send email between our own network, and during this period if there is any email automatically filtered by the email provider, we will mark them as “not spam” to train the algorithm.

A full 30 days period is required based on our experience to ensure a high deliverability rate. If a majority of your email went into spam without warming up, this means you will waste your leads and opportunities, and in the long run, you will lose more by skipping the most important warming up stage.

After deciding the campaign size, you will choose whether you will provide us with the mailing list or you want us to source it for you, if you choose the latter option, we will have to ask you some questions to better understand your business and the ideal customer profile, then based on the complexity and difficulty we will quote you the price based on every 100 leads, in most case, it will starts from around $15/100 email contact.

The same goes for email script, you can either provide us with your script or you can choose to let us write the script for you, the charge for this usually starts from $100 per one complete sequence (first email + 3 follow-up emails).

We decided to create a pricing plan that gives more flexibility to our clients, which is why we do not group everything under different packages. Instead, we make our price as transparent as possible, so you know exactly what are you paying for, and you will never pay for things you do not need.

Aside from the flexibility and scalability of our pricing, it also helps us to focus only on the most important part, sending emails. At the volume we are sending, we were able to provide this at an ultra-competitive price.

To maintain high deliverability your cold marketing email will not be sent via a single domain and email address. Instead for every ~1,000 monthly sending volume we will create one email address each, and for every 3-4 email addresses we will use a separate unique domain that is able to represent your business or brand.

To ensure great deliverability and increase the chance of your email getting read and replied to, it is very important to make them look personalized. That is why the script you provide to us or we write for you can support custom variables such as the person’s name, position, company name, country, etc.

For example, this is an email script with custom variables:

Subject: [First Name] – quick question

Body content:

Hi [First Name],

Love the work you do at [Company Name]!

—— Skipped ——

The variables in bracket will be replaced by the lead list your provided to us (or we sourced for you), and it should contain those information to be used to replace the variables.

Personalized content can make a huge difference in reply rate, and we encourage you to use this in your script to help boost the response rate.

No, you will have to handle the reply, booking of meetings, the meetings and closing deals itself from your team.

For each email address, we will send ~1,000 cold emails per month, which is about 33 emails per day, however, if you choose not to send during weekends, then it will only send about ~700 emails per month. Most spam filter system track spam based on a 24-hour sending volume, so we cap the daily sending volume to ensure the email will maintain the same deliverability throughout the entire campaign.

An email sequence is a series of emails that will be sent to your ideal prospect, usually with a time delay between each email. Usually, there will be the first email with your sales message or pitch, then a few more follow-up emails sent on other days to increase the chance of getting a reply.

The main difference between a cold email and a newsletter is, newsletters are usually people who signed up for getting your promotional information on your website, they are expecting your email and usually those emails don’t expect a reply, and may even go to the promotional tab or newsletter filter.

However, with a cold email, you are knocking at the door of a business that you have never met, but you have a pitch or offer that is highly relevant to them, and you anticipate a reply from them to book a meeting, and closing.

Email marketing has been known for having the highest return on marketing spending in comparison to all the other outbound marketing channels. In 2018 CampaignMonitor one of the most used analytical tools for email marketing reported the average ROI of email marketing is 3,800%, the same company reported that the number grow to a whopping 4,200% in 2019.

The typical range of reply rate is between 2%~6%, however, this will vary based on:

  • The industry and niche you are targeting
  • Your subject line and the body content
  • Your offer and pitch

If you do not have your own leads, we also provide custom sourcing services, so you do not have to engage with another agency. Our process usually starts by getting on a call with you to understand your business and your ideal customer profile, then we will work on finding the right prospect for you.

Our service focuses on getting your sales to offer or pitch delivered to your prospect, however, as we do not have control over your offer nor attend the process of a sales meeting with your prospect, we will never be able to guarantee the conversion.

Currently, we do not offer any other outbound service than the one listed on our website if you do not have a sales team to handle replies, you can choose to outsource to another agency.

We do not help you to respond to any responses from the lead generation campaign, all emails will be forward to your desired master mailbox, where you or your sales team will be handling the replies.

Our services are suitable for business of all size and anywhere in the world, as long as your target audience use email, then this will always be one of the most direct channels to reach them with your offer.

If your target audience is companies based in Europe, you will have to provide an opt-out option for them to choose not to hear back from you again. When they reply to you with such will, our system will automatically stop sending any follow-up email to that email address.

There is no lock-in period nor commitment, however, due to the first month of every new email address will have to be a warmup, you are required to commit at least 2 months to actually have emails sent to your prospect. After that, you can decide to stop renewing us anytime.

But we do encourage you to have a longer period with more emails sent to really conclude if cold email marketing is working for your niche and industry or not.

Don’t worry, you can always get in touch with us via our contact form or the chatbot on our website. We’ll be happy to answer all questions you may have.

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