Case Study:


Founded in 1999, BIS Chemicals has been supplying a large variety of industrial grade chemicals to manufactures in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia. As a trading company, acquiring new customers was critical to continued growth so in June 2018 BIS Chemicals engaged with Seenlyst to increase their website visitors and increase conversions.

BIS Chemicals had an established reputation and market share but it was all hours of outbound marketing efforts. Our mission is to map out and implement inbound marketing strategy, so that customers would come to them even when they’re not reaching out.


Seenlyst figured the solution would be a combination of search engine marketing (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Improve the ranking position for keywords that are closely related and relevant to BIS Chemicals services and products. Then optimize the web pages to achieve optimal conversion rate.

After series of discussion and data gathering, we were able to identified the core keywords for BIS Chemicals as well as products specific keywords. As they carrying more than hundreds of products we chose to go after highest margin products to ensure ideal ROI.

We also identified the needs to enhance the user experience and ways to collect leads more efficiently, so we started trying out different leads collection method, changing wordings, page content presentation, that took multiple weeks of trial.


Fast forward 4 months later, BIS Chemicals has seen significant gains:

  • Organic traffic has grown by 440%
  • Monthly inquiries has grown by 230%
  • Inquiries for high margin product increased.
  • Bounce rate reduced by 64%
  • Dwell time increased by 174%

*Results of June-Oct 2018